How Able Works

Able blends the best of Peer to Peer Lending with Traditional Business Loans

A different way to grow

Traditional banks often give small businesses the cold shoulder. A business loan from Able, with the help of your network of friends, family and fans, is within reach.

Traditional Bank Loans

Bank financing is a great option for businesses that can qualify.

  • Regulations prevent lending to many businesses
  • Strict qualification requirements
  • You might be unable to get the full amount needed

Able Small Business Loans

Able allows all businesses to access affordable financing.

  • Fund with the help of Backers, lowering your interest rate
  • Any business can fund with Able
  • The amount of money you need at afforable rates

Backers help you access capital if…

Your business isn’t profitable yet

Without profitability traditional loans are impossible to get from a bank. We believe in the potential of small businesses. With the help of your network of friends, family and fans we can get you there.

Your credit score has seen better days

Many small businesses take a hit on their credit score when starting. With backers you can get the money you need without the greatest credit.

You need a large loan amount

Increasing the amount of your loan funded by Backers unlocks larger loans. Able can get you the money you need to make that next big leap.

Your business is carrying other debts

If debt is weighing you down Backers can help get your loan approved. Able can even help you refinance your debt obligations.

Backers are the secret to unlocking higher funding amounts and better rates. Also, you may be able to qualify for a loan without backers.

Backers Help You Save

See how backers affect your rate and save you thousands in interest on your business loan.

Loan Term
Loan Interest
  • Traditional Loan
  • Able Loan
Savings from Backers
  • Total Loan
  • Loan Term
    36 Months
  • Credit Score
    680 Credit Score

Tools for Fundraising

We provide robust tools for you to onboard your Backers to our platform, making their pledge process a seamless, headache-free experience.

  • Personal and Public funding pages
  • Built in reminders for your Backers
  • Management Dashboard for your campaign

Funding Process

Able works to get you the best loan possible with a smooth online application process, tools to recruit backers, and responsible underwriting.

We Learn About Your Business

You'll provided us with preliminary information about your business to get the ball rolling.

We Pre-Approve Your Loan

Based on the information you provide we'll provide a pre-approved loan offer.

We Analyze Your Business

We underwrite your business to determine the final loan offer for you to accept.

You Raise Backer Support

You'll get in touch with potential backers and begin collecting pledges with our funding tools.

Documents are E-Signed

You and your backers will sign all the necessary paperwork completely digitally.

Your Business is Funded

Funds are deposited in your account for you make the next big leap for your business.